Author: Maria Nilsson

Avocado Oil

ORGANIC – High in Antioxidants. Helps replenish dry skin, hydrates & moisturizes skin, and has an anti- inflammatory properties.


Rich in activated carbon & unique absorbent properties. Activated carbon is a hydrophobic material, therefore it does not absorb water but will captures micropollutants & impurities present on the surface of skin. It is widely used to purify & detox- ify, & is also found to have antibacterial action.

Chia Oil

High levels of alpha-linolenic acid & linoleic acid. Assists the regenerative processes of the skin, & helps reduce transepidermal water loss.


Coconut Oil contains antioxidants & Vitamin E.
It’s protecting, soothing and moisturizing as well as barrier protecting.

Coconut Water contains fatty acids and has energetic & protective properties.

Cucumber Water

ORGANIC – High in pantothenic acid or vitamin B-5. Softening, hydrating, anti-irritant & cooling. Used to treat fine lines & puffiness.

French Rose

Full of antioxidants. Hydrating, calming & soothing effect. Fights free radicals & with anti-bacterial benefits.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

ORGANIC – Contains bioflavonoids & polyphenols conferring antimicrobial properties, vitamin C, ascorbic acid & antioxidants. Limits bacterial proliferation & strengthens skin’s defenses against external aggressors. Combats signs of aging skin.

Matcha Tea

Contains antioxidants. Prevents oxidative stress & stimulates microcirculation to detoxify the skin & slow premature aging. Anti-inflammatory benefits.

Pink Pomelo

ORGANIC – Citrus paradise seed extract. A cell renewal activator, involved in the elimination of dead cells & irregular- ities with smoothing benefits.


Antioxidants (ferulic acid & epicatechin). This ‘super fruit’ is an exotic powerful antioxidant, known for fighting free radicals and signs of aging.